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Plaza de Campinas - SC is revitalized.

The Plaza de Campinas -São José -SC, was one of four spaces revitalized Through Partnership Enterprises and City Hall Construction. THE residents of the neighborhood and the Campinas Rua Santo Antônio, in Barreiros, agora HAVE TO Spaces More suitable leisure and rest.


Sewage Treatment Station ( ETS ) is an infrastructure that treats wastewater from domestic and / or industrial, commonly called sewage or industrial waste origin, to then be drained to the sea or river with an acceptable level of pollution through an outfall, as in force for the receiving environment legislation.



The  water purification andwater purification is a process of treatment in order to remove existing pollutants, rendering it potable, i.e., fit for human consumption. Depending on the source of water, a variety of techniques may be employed for this purpose.


In any project it is important to study the characteristics of the wastewater being treated and the effluent quality that you want to throw in the receiving body.The main aspects to be studied are the flow rate, pH and temperature, biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, toxicity and the solids in suspension.



Nautilus Hidrus clean your toilet more practical and hygienic manner. To be coupled into the discharge box, saves you touch the toilet. Just place and he begins to act each discharge without residue.Each pack contains one device with one pellet that lasts up to 600 discharges.



Much of the brasilian population is living without running water and no sewage. Learn what is being done to solve the problem. ..


We are a company committed to the environment company. We work on projects and solutions of waste management, remediation of contaminated sites, construction projects and management station water treatment and effluent..

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